SEA Vision awarded “Champion Company” by the National newspaper “Corriere della Sera”

For the third consecutive year, SEA Vision Group received the award as Italian “Champion Company ” with AAA rating, among the Italian companies with best performances between 2012 and 2018.

The research, carried out by the ItalyPost Research Center and published in the Italian National Newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, examined the performances of Italian companies dividing them in two groups accordingly to their turnover (those between 20 and 120 million, and those between 120 and 500 millions), which have shown outstanding performances in the examined time range.

The companies selected as winners of the prize such as SEA Vision, were chosen according to the evaluation of the following economic and financial criteria:

  • CAGR (Compound annual growth rate) 2012-2018 equal to or greater than 4.22%
  • AVERAGE EBITDA for the last three financial years equal to or greater than 8.72%
  • NFP / EBITDA ratio
  • MORE rating: BB-BBB-A-AA-AAA

The reasons for the company’s success were discussed during an interview to Italy Post released by Michele Cei and Matteo Boiardi, respectively CEO and CFO of the SEA Vision Group, who commented: “In 2016 with the entry into force of the drugs traceability regulations, we have had a strong push towards our expansion and we have increased both the acquisitions and the turnover. Our employees are now over 300 people worldwide: to seal this expansion, the construction of a new three-storey Headquarters of approximately 4 thousand square meters of offices will be inaugurated in Pavia in September 2020 “.

Within the current context, the award represents an important signal of confidence in the prompt restart of the country, and SEA Vision is preparing to achieve new ambitious goals this year, with the same solidity and dynamism that has always characterized the work of the Group.

Read the full interview on the website of the Italy Post Study Center here.