bundle aggregation workstation BAW

BAW (Bundle Aggregation Workstation) is a manual workstation for the reading and checking of codes printed on bundles or cartons arranged manually and their aggregation to Shipper and Pallet. A Reading Station and a Case Station compose the workstation. The OCV system shows feedback on the HMI panel that assists the operator’s work, to ensure the maximum safety of checks and aggregation operations. High-resolution cameras allows the inspection of bundles, unpackaged cartons, wrapped cartons and non-standard formats.

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  • Integrated HMI touch-screen display with light and sound indicators
  • High-resolution cameras for side or corner shipper label reading
  • Rejection bin with rejection sensors that verifies the for bad-bundles real rejection
  • Sensors automatically checks the occurred insertion of good products in the shipper
  • Easily transportable on different lines
  • Top-efficient for small production batches
  • Fail-safe work cycle, with safety functions to avoid human errors
  • Stainless steel structure with ergonomic design compliant to GMP