Innovation, flexibility, service.

Since 1995 we provide top-quality vision systems solutions to Pharmaceutical companies and packaging machine manufacturers.

Innovation, flexibility and service are our answers to customer’s needs.

Since 25 years

in the future of innovation

Our company was founded in 1995 from a university spin-off specialized in the artificial vision field, and since then SEA Vision has grown year by year in dimension, competitive strength and success on international markets. Nowadays we keep investing in innovation and services, going further than just competitive technological solutions


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SEA Vision Headquarter

Via Claudio Treves 9 E/F
27100 Pavia
(PV) – Italy
Ph: +39.0382.529576

SEA Vision France

6bis, rue du Parc des
Vergers 91250,
Tigery – France

SEA Vision Spain

n13 Parc Tecnològic del Valles 08290 Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona – Spain

SEA Vision Russia

Мамоновский пер., 4,
Москва, 123001
Ph: +7 4956944251
Mob. IT: +39 366 6461816
Mob. RU: +7 925 4539261

SEA Vision Lixis Brasil

Av General Mac Arthur, 521
São Paulo, SP
Mob: 11-3798-7800
Mob: 11-3798-7900

SEA Vision Lixis Argentina

Lima 1368
(Martinez) CP1640
Buenos Aires
Ph: (+54 11) 4836 2800

SEA Vision USA Inc

43 Fairfield Place West Caldwell,
NJ 07006
Ph: +1 973 828 3600

Over 200 employees.
One team.

People, our best quality

SEA Vision always keeps investing in skilled and talented human resources and strongly believes in the development of their know-how. Our people are the tangible sign of the quality of which SEA Vision is proud.

In order to satisfy our customer’s real needs, our skilled Engineers and technicians work every day to study new software applications and mechanical/electronic engineering aimed at offering versatile and custom-made projects and solutions.


Quality through excellence

  • Our Vision

To be acknowledged as the best pharmaceutical vision systems provider. We strive for drugs reliability, monitoring, and tracking. We strive for improving safety and people lives.

  • Our Mission

To provide the pharmaceutical industry with the highest-quality vision systems, which are able thanks to their modularity to run any control on the packaging lines in an easy and safe way.

  • Quality Policy

To provide products and services which fully satisfy our customers’ requirements and expectations in terms of performance, quality, safety, flexibility.

to the world

Our support to Doctors with Africa CUAMM

Doctors with Africa CUAMM is the largest Italian organization for the promotion and safeguard of the health of African populations. The NGO mission is to improve health conditions among the populations of the countries of sub-Saharan Africa and promote a culture of solidarity, cooperation among peoples, justice and peace.

SEA Vision supports this important project since is involved in Health sector on a global scale. Being a great company means for us being a responsible company, and for this we want to contribute to the higher purpose of saving and sustaining lives.


Doctors with Africa Cuamm launched in 2012 a project to protect mothers’ and children’s’ health in four sub-Saharan Africa Countries, where it is estimated that approximately 409,000 children are suffering from malnutrition.




SEA Vision has supported Doctors with Africa Cuamm for their project of intervention on childbirth assistance. The objective is to ensure the free childbirth to 125,000 young mothers in adequate structures managed by trained staff , in order to help to bring down the rate of maternal and infant mortality.

Our support for the Cuamm led:

  • To guarantee free transport of mothers toward hospitals
  • To ensure prenatal visits
  • To support the training of local personnel (nurses and midwives)




We are supporting this intervention which is part of Cuamm main project, lasting 5 years (2017-2021), “First the mothers and children, 1000 of these days”. With this new project mother and child will be followed from the beginning of pregnancy by guaranteeing adequate prenatal visits, during safe delivery, during the exclusive breastfeeding phase, weaning and up to the child’s 2 years of age.

Our objective for 2018 is to support the Cuamm:

  • To rehabilitate buildings
  • To purchase equipment
  • To purchase drugs and nutritional supplements



SEA Vision choose to support for 2017 the Cuamm project “Mothers and children first”. The project aims to ensure nutritional interventions in supporting mother and child in the first 1,000 days from the beginning of pregnancy up to two years.

What we are committed to achieve:

  • To ensure prenatal visits during pregnancy
  • To ensure a free and safe childbirth
  • To ensure vaccines and growth controls in the weaning phase
  • To ensure the therapy for a year to chronic malnourished children
  • To treat children with acute malnutrition requiring hospitalization





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