SEA Vision awarded “Excellent Company” from Global Strategy

SEA Vision is among the Italian excellencies awarded by the Global Strategy (Strategic and Financial Advisory Agency) during the eleventh edition of the SME Observatory. The event was held on September 25th at the Italian Stock Exchange in Milan – Palazzo Mezzanotte, during the conference “Sustainability and value creation. The objectives to be pursued”- during which was analyzed the relationship between Italian companies and the so-called ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) issues, at the center of the current debate.

The “excellent companies” in the terms of the Observatory, are those Companies with systematically better results in their reference market (if compared with competitors), both in terms of growth, profitability and financial solidity: pioneering companies in combining social responsibility and business.

The selection method is based on the analysis of a database (containing the the last five years complete balances of over 60 thousand capital companies with a turnover exceeding 5 million euros) from which data are generated and subsequently integrated with qualitative information (interviews with Business Ownership and Management) and then filtered by eleven rigid economic-financial and equity indicators. The result is a photograph of the Italian reality that allows to identify the keys to business success.

As Antonella Negri Clementi, president and CEO of Global Strategy explains, “many companies have exceptional performances and the highest competitive level on the market, but they are still far from creating a sustainable strategy integrated with the business. We have awarded those companies that represents a good example, so that they can show their Best Practices to inspire others to combine market needs and social objectives. “

Here the presentation of the study results.