SEA Vision: Innovation and growth with solid bases for the multinational Group of Pavia

The company specialized in vision systems between important performances and new investments.

It is an exponential but controlled growth, supported by the technology’s property, solid experience and a strong vocation to innovation. All of these are key concepts for SEA Vision, the multinational Group founded in 1995 in Pavia (Italy) from a university spin-off, and today with direct branches in 8 European and extra-European Countries such as: Spain, France, Russia, USA, Germany, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil (in Latin America, with the acquisition of the competitor LIXIS, SEA Vision Group is today a market leader and the second player in the world).

With a consolidated 2018 turnover of about 58 million of Euros (50% growth if compared to the 2017 turnover) characterized by an EBITDA with an high cash conversion and 300 employees in the world, SEA Vision Group is specialized in vision systems for pharmaceutical drugs quality and packaging inspection. SEA Vision is almost exclusively verticalized in the pharmaceutical sector, a field where, in the last years, many things has evolved after the worldwide introduction of serialization regulations. The drugs traceability, adopted in Europe from February 2018 and today in many other Countries worldwide, has played indeed a primary role in the market transformation: pharmaceutical companies was required to adapt to new legal requirements by investing in technologies allowing products serialization and traceability along the supply chain.

The SEA Vision proprietary software (thanks to its flexible architecture and its long-time experience) allowed to face serialization challenges and the company was able to offer a state-of-the-art product in the world. Top quality technology and in-house software development driven the new industrial operation for the minority purchase of CMP Pharma, a company of Costabissara (Vicenza, Italy), specialized in the realization of seal checker. The operation allows SEA Vision Group to offer its customers more and more personalized solutions, always maintaining its core business specialized in pharmaceutical vision inspection – today complementary to the excellence in the market of automatic machines.

After the introduction of the European serialization regulations, SEA Vision is ready to face the next traceability regulations in Russia, Middle East and Asia. In the last two areas mentioned SEA Vision is moving on for new commercial operations to become a point of reference for active customers and prospect in India, China and Indonesia.

But serialization is just a part of the company portfolio: traditionally the core business was mainly focused on vision systems for quality controls, but today it has evolved  toward the concept of industrial automation, data collection, data analysis, predictive maintenance, fields that SEA Vision is ready to explore with innovative technology, thanks to the availability of the data which is structurally connected at its software’s analytical operability.

Facts reveals that SEA Vision success not only relies on the company capability to be a sector leader, but also on its attitude to prepare itself – before the innovations are introduced on the market.

SEA Vision’s growth depends by a business vision that undoubtedly looks to the future. As a matter of fact, the company steady growth has not jeopardized its approach to customers. Customized answers for specific needs and high-quality solutions are consequently the results (and first priorities) of the company offer, beside a dynamic and qualified customer support.

For all these reasons SEA Vision has been selected for the renowned BPA 2019 award promoted by SDA Bocconi that, on the 23rd October, is going to announce the winner of the 2019 hot topic “Best Performer Managerial Excellence”, an award dedicated to companies and their excellent Top Management Team.

Finally, SEA Vision is almost ready to offer always more a solid strategy to the market, technology and early even logistic, thanks to the 8 million euros invested on the new and unique headquarters of Pavia. The new building is an innovative establishment, which has been designed with particular attention to innovation and environmental sustainability, and has been conceived to facilitate the collaboration between people to further improve in the software R&D and reach new challenging objectives.




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