Case Study multi-national pharma company

SEA Vision supports multi-national pharma company with serialization processes across 200 production lines

SEA Vision and Zenith Technologies support pharmaceutical companies with the design, installation and integration of serialization technology and processes across manufacturing sites. Multi-site implementation can often be a challenge for companies without dedicated resources in place. In this case study, a combined team from Zenith Technologies and SEA Vision worked as part of the design team for a multi-national pharma company to support the rollout of SEA Vision’s track and trace serialization solution across 200 production lines and 25 sites.

A project of this scale required a partner that had experience in managing the risks associated with implementing new serialization processes at a global level, where there is potential for significant business disruption. In this case, each of the countries in which new processes needed to be implemented were also at varied stages of serialization, making the project more complex.

The project team worked with the client’s design team to implement an enterprise solution that would deliver serialization functionality to the client’s entire network, prioritized according to market requirements. The dedicated team of skilled engineers was able to carry out approximately 85% of the implementation work remotely, delivering significant cost and time efficiencies. Over a six-month period, test and pilot projects were used to create a deployment process that could be replicated across each site, an approach that resulted in the solution being delivered both on time and to budget.

You can read more about how SEA Vision and Zenith Technologies helped deliver the multi-site serialization solution here. For advice on implementing technology across your organization contact us.