implementing pharmaceutical serialization
Implementing pharmaceutical serialization across a diverse
manufacturing environment – part 1

As the US and European deadlines for pharmaceutical serialization get closer, the challenge of implementing pharmaceutical serialization solution on time is greater than ever. In order to ensure full compliance when the new regulations come into force, manufacturers should already be considering the best approach to meet their requirements.

In an article for Manufacturing Chemist, Carlos Machado, serialization director at SEA Vision – partnering with Zenith Technologies, discusses the various challenges associated with developing and implementing an effective pharmaceutical serialization solution and the benefits that manufacturers will experience by taking a proactive approach.

serialization director

The falsified medicines crisis is vast, costing the pharmaceutical industry time and money, as well as damaging its reputation and affecting patient safety. And, with statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) showing that the counterfeit drugs market is worth $75million annually the scale of the problem has been a key driver in the introduction of the new legislation.

With so many markets to consider when implementing pharmaceutical serialization solution, Carlos explains the importance of understanding the scope and impact of implementing a project of this magnitude and outlines the steps manufacturers should take to remain fully compliant.

To learn more about how to prepare for serialization, read the full article here.

Part two of the article will be featured in the March issue of Manufacturing Chemist.