serialization openhouse poland

Intrex — supplier of marking, printing. labeling and visual control equipment — in collaboration with SEA Vision— a leading vision and serialization system provider— a leading global provider of inspection and serialization systems invite pharmaceutical companies to attend their joint  serialization openhouse, plus live packaging line demos.

These two special events will be held at Intrex Headquarter, Sady, ul. Za Motelem 7, 62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne, on 30 and also 31 of January 2018, and aims to provide powerful insights, as well as practical tips to help companies to get ready for serialization.

During the mornings, the SEA Vision’s and Intrex’s experts speaking panel will give a detailed overview around the topic of pharmaceutical serialization. Then, they will draw from their experience the challenges that companies are facing (requirements, dynamics between Brandowners and CMOs, technical issues, staff involvement) in order to examine the different angles of serialization impacts. The afternoon meeting sessions will be dedicated to Intrex Pharma 2D Pro demo test, the Print & Check machine equipped with SEA Vision system and SEA Vision Line Manager.

The two-day event promise to provide both CMO and Brandowners attendees with a complete practical serialization framework, to help them develop the optimal strategy toward compliance.

Attend this event to:

  • Understand – serialization landscape, benefits and challenges such as legal requirements, dynamics between Brandowners and CMOs, technology integration, staff involvement,
  • Learn – from the experts about their experience and understanding of serialization implementation
  • Gain – best practice insights from our experience
  • Ask –any questions you have on serialization


  • A bit about SEA Vision – company overview
  • Traceability: a complete framework
  • Reasons to implement serialization
  • Serialization meaning and 3 different approaches
  • Worldwide regulations
  • Serialization Challenges – and how to overcome them
  • Departments involved in a serialization project
  • SEA Vision’s Track and Trace complete solution
  • FAQs & Contacts

Date, time and  Location

Open Days: 30 and 31.01.2017

INTREX sp. z o.o.

Sady, ul. Za Motelem 7 62080

Tarnowo Podgórne, Poland