Empower manufacturing with 4.0 Intelligence

Manage, View, Track, Store, Analyse: do, limitless.

yudoo – the new pharma software suite has been designed  to reshape the concept of line management, incorporating extra 4.0 innovative applications.

yudoo is an irreplaceable tool to revolution the manufacturing environment, driving it toward the future where machines, devices, computer systems are interconnected.

yudoo is in fact a unified environment for Business Intelligence analysis including also several additional modules: centralized control systems, KPIs reports on historical data, Data Historian, OEE Tools, Real time shop-floor dashboard, Track&Trace natively integrated functions, Predictive maintenance and much more.

The integrated Artificial Intelligence technology enables the software suite to both centralize operations management on the packaging lines and harmonize the information coming from different sources (automation devices, machines, IT and control systems) in order to transform them from “Raw Data” to “Smart Data”.

By mean of the innovative yudoo Business Intelligence dedicated module (yubi) the software reads the historical data collected in the long period from the packaging lines, it also co-relates results in order to display interactive graphics. Thanks to the use of filters, there is the possibility to engage data visualizations, presenting meaningful insights and information tailored to answer any question, position and department.

•   Asset definition, Assets workflow management, work shift definition
•   Local Process Order Management & Local Master Data Management
•   User Management (CFR21)
•   Basic Batch-user report
•   Through the PO management, workflows can be designed accordingly to machines cycle splitting the PO into phases
•   Additional extensions (yudesk+) are available for ERP and MES connection
•   Start/end the production order
•   Management of repacking operations
  •   Real time  visualization of data (not historical data) of the batch in progress. accessible via browser from whatever personal device with internet connection
•   In-line manual data entry, from HMI to collect data through proper mobile or desktop interface to record: stop causes (available for machines not able to automatically export data)
  •   Historical Data storage: yudrive allows to store all the historical production data (alarms, counters, audit trails…) coming from the packaging lines assets automatically or manually collected
•   This modules is propedeutical to the yubi Business Intelligence module
•   High-volume and high-speed data storage
  •   Business Intelligence
•   Custom and historical report management
•   Multilevel data filtering and analysis (Batch, Shift, Product, Asset…)
•   Complex production KPIs
•   Machine status and downtime
•   Predictive Maintenance
  •   Serial Numbers Provisioning
•   Event Posting
•   Serialization Master data parameters management
•   Warehouse functionalities for reworking operations (Desktop or Mobile versions available)
  •   Events and Serial Number Long term Repository
•   Serial Number Self Generation
•   Connection to regulatory agencies
•   Communication with Third parties
•   Track&Trace Solution

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