Line Manager

All the systems installed on the line can be managed by a single centralized Client provided with a user-friendly touch screen-interface, that could be located next to the packaging line: SEA Vision Line Manager provides an overall view on the whole line status and on the current batch parameters. SEA Vision Line Manager is a SCADA Client providing several functions to execute easily the main operations on the packaging line:


  • Batch functions: management of batch start/end operations on the systems and PLCs
  • Recipes configuration: recipes definition with data sharing among the vision systems on the line, to avoid duplication of information
  • Registry configuration: editing of the line’s configuration parameters
  • CFR21 part 11management: user’s centralization, audit trails centralization, user’s permissions management
  • Data collection: production data and line status real time display, data collection configuration
  • Reporting function: production of customized reports on the basis of the collected data


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SEA Vision serialization references

Since 2012 SEA Vision has successfully deployed over 800 pharmaceutical serialization lines worldwide, over 70% of them including full aggregation, with less than 3 months average delivery time.

Serialization case study E-book

“We’ve met a significant milestone for 2017 with 23 sites now capable of connecting lines to the serialization systems. This is a magnificent achievement especially when you couple that with the fact that we are within budget.” Access here the case study.

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Serialization for late starters E-book

This E-book which is designed to give companies just starting out on their serialization journey, as well as those that are already some way along, a guide to the various complexities associated with global track and trace requirements. Download your E-guide here!

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