The Manual Aggregation Workstation (MAW Multilayer) is a centralized stand alone station that allows the reading of cartons placed in a shipper in multiple, as well as reading aggregation. The integrated HMI Touch Screen with an Audio & Visual Feedback System guides the operator Step-by-Step during the operations of check and rejection, ensuring the maximum safety through the entire work cycle. The system controls automatically the lift position, for an easy product load and an optimal inspection of all the codes printed on each layer.

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  • Integrated HMI touch-screen display with light and sound indicators
  • Top HR Camera FOV 550X350 mm with high control of linear and 2D codes
  • High-resolution cameras for side or corner shipper label reading
  • Case presence sensors for auto triggering and position control
  • Software controlled lift: easy product load and optimized code inspection
  • Easily transportable on different lines
  • Scanner for manual operations of reworking or pallet aggregation
  • The system guides the operator during the manual operations implementation
  • Fail-safe work cycle, with safety functions to avoid human errors
  • Stainless steel structure with ergonomic design compliant to GMP