The new headquarters, a step in the future

A sustainable and innovation-oriented institutional campus 

On the 9th June 2019 the first stone of the a new building was finally laid in Pavia, to mark the beginning of the new headquarters of the SEA Vision Group. On December 2020 the new Headquarters of 4000 sqm of offices and production spaces was opened. 



The new 3-storey building is an innovative workspace built on a plot of land of about 6,000 square meters, and includes 4,000 square meters of offices, software development, R&D and production environment.

The overall investment of about € 8 million confirms the growth trend of a company (born out of a university spin-off in 1995) that on Septeber 2020 has celebrated  its 25th anniversary.

I Start Date: May,9  2019

I Opening date: December 2020

I Area: total 6000 smq (plot of land), 4000 sqm of which will be used as offices and production space

I Overall Investment:  € 8 million

Green, collaborative and designed to fuel R&D innovation



Particular attention to the environment characterizes the project, designed by Architects BERTOLETTI+GRECO, which designed an eco-sustainable building thanks to the use of:

  • new technologies with zero emissions
  • solar power system, which will work at a full power thanks to the optimization of building exposure
  • cutting edge lighting system that will impact on internal lighting savings
  • rainwater collection system
  • electric car charging stations and dedicated parking



The construction, based on innovation and modern concepts, has been conceived with a changeable way of working in mind, with green open spaces and flexibly interchangeable areas that satisfies the business continuous changes.

This is the reason of the presence of wide gardens and recreational surroundings, which gives a pleasant and harmonious working environment for an employees average age of 27 years.


An institutional campus to boost innovation

The close partnership with universities inspired the idea of an inner court representing a university campus, where people can feel more concentrated in the open air, and meet their colleagues to share ideas and discuss together.

The horizontal landscapes will give to the headquarter the real feel of an interconnected suburban tech campus.

The beautiful design is not all.

When an innovative corporate headquarters combine cutting-edge design with sustainability, a clear message of forward-thinking leadership is “built-in.”

It’s a kind of message that the company wants  to share with people, both employees or society. Read below more information on the three major project features dedicated to environment, employees and public.


What is the most interesting headquarters architecture element?

The project was realized paying attention on the harmony of design in a broad sense, as the result of large indoor and outdoor spaces, windows and natural light with visible green gardens inside and out and attractive interiors.

But, beautiful design is not enough. The building design provides both aesthetic and environmental benefits. Beautiful building design is made even more appealing when there is visible evidence that environmental concern and sustainability are also part of the project.

well-being areas

What does it offer to employees?

The building provides an engaging atmosphere that inspires innovation to boost employee motivation and wellness.

The area will be divided into working space, meeting rooms, and relaxation areas like a lounge room points and gym room where employees can take a break and feel like home.

The design of the new headquarters reflects – and showcases – our corporate values and culture. Real innovation comes from teamwork, sharing experiences and ideas with colleagues. We have a young and motivated team and we want to give them the best place to work, where they can express theirselves and feel appreciated.

local culture

What does it offer to external visitors like customers?

The building will include spaces with a cultural touch hosting a special space dedicated to a local territory products and photo show.  We want to tell our story to allow not only employees or customers but also all the external visitors like students, suppliers or media coming for a visit – to discover and appreciate our roots  and understand our link with the city of Pavia where SEA Vision was established and grown.

This is the same reason why – already now – we are sponsoring many cultural and sport activities and we want to continue on this way.

At the groundbreaking ceremony


The first stone to mark the beginning of the new headquarters of the SEA Vision Group was finally laid in Pavia in May 2019. At the groundbreaking ceremony attended Luigi Carrioli and Michele Cei, respectively President and CEO of SEA Vision Group, and also Pietro CassaniMarco Marchesini and Maurizio Marchesini of Marchesini Group, members of the Board of Directors of SEA Vision.

All the participants underlined the focus of the construction and its importance during their press declarations, read them below.

We are very pleased to celebrate this moment of rapid growth for our company and we are sure that our business will be further boosted thanks to this important investment.” said Michele Cei, CEO of SEA Vision Group.

“The construction of the headquarters- as well as enabling appropriate staff organization and therefore the capacity for production expansion – lays the foundations for a further increase in R &D investments in the field of Industrial vision, 4.0 technologies, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning” said Luigi Carrioli, President of the GroupNot only will the new building allow our staff to have functional environments dedicated to team activities and to have innovative laboratories for research, but it will also have recreational areas dedicated to company welfare”.

The representatives of Marchesini Group, world leader OEM which acquired the 48% share of SEA Vision in 2018, commented: “The laying of the foundation stone of the new headquarters that will host all of SEA Vision’s business activities is really a great news for Marchesini Group. We established with SEA Vision an increasingly robust partnership in these years, and this important event will strengthen our cooperation even more. Our long-term strategic approach is to grant full commercial independence to the respective companies, and this new building it’s the physical proof of our common strategy”.


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Company contact:  Maria Grazia Preda






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