NIR inspection technology really changes the point of view. Throughout our existence, we’ve been striving to provide the highest quality vision systems for the pharmaceutical industry.

We rely on the latest innovations and the best technologies to improve our product portfolio for quality inspection and to comply with regulatory guidelines. This goal is supported by our technical and R&D department’s high competence in software algorithms which meet the unique needs of Pharmaceutical customers and OEMs business. In an era of increasing regulation and quality control, the industry needs to improve inspection methods. A new collaboration led to a birth of a brand-new technology.

Quality assurance is of utmost importance in pharmaceutical products. Striving for the world where drugs are reliably monitored and tracked, SEA Vision has introduced hyperspectral inspection solution HARLENIR, the combination of SEA Vision software and Specim camera technology which reveals the chemical composition of a pharmaceutical product and guarantees 100% inspection coverage, accurately and reliably. Systems like HARLENIR provide extra peace of mind for drug manufacturers. The idea was to check the presence of foreign tablets with different API respect the tablets with the right chemical compounds, and tablets with the same API but different dosages.

This hyperspectral imaging technology inspects quickly each tablet or capsule and they can be reliably identified from their active ingredients. 100% of the products can be inspected, online, in real time.

The chemical analysis allows:

  • qualitatively to identify pharmaceutical products with different active principle
  • quantitatively to identify pharmaceutical products with a different dosage, and to measure the uniformity of the active ingredient distribution

This brought the chance to become a case study and appear on Specim official website to understand the reason why of our cooperation. Read the full story