Inspection and pharmaceutical serialization systems

Discover here the range of solutions we offer to pharmaceutical companies and OEMs.



yudoo is the first pharma ready-made software suite, born from over 25 years of experience of system

integration and data collection on packaging machines.



Flexibility, modularity, reliability for the most efficiency

SEA Vision provides a complete solution that, thanks to a strong and configurable structure, can safely satisfy the various needs

required by the ever changing Track & Trace regulations.


Blister and
pharmaceutical kit inspection

Blister vision Harlequin

Harlequin is the vision system dedicated to blister and thermoforming machines for the inspection of oral solids and pharmaceutical components. This well-known system performs checks on different materials and colors, allowing an extremely accurate inspection of tablets, capsules, pills, powders, vials, syringes, ampoules.


Cosmetic and
multifunction checks

OCV multifunction system

OCV, the most-complete comprehensive vision system represents the ultimate solution to perform any kind of product inspection.

Originally conceived as optical character recognition instrument, OCV multifunction system has turned into a system which is able to perform with the highest flexibility several types of controls on the product to be checked, both on the packaging cosmetic aspect and on codes or characters.


Codes, characters, and special packaging inspection


Databox is a control system developed to verify not-serialized codes, characters and perform customized controls on secondary packaging machines.

Databox can be easily integrated in the SEA Vision pyramidal architecture for a more efficient and centralized line management towards Industry 4.0.