SEA Vision is launching RemoTe: a new family of services created for the remote assistance of our customers


SEA Vision Customer Care is always working to ensure support of customers who need technical assistance. Now more than ever, the focus of our Customer Care department concerns these remote support services, intended to provide full technical assistance. Therefore, SEA Vision conceived the RemoTe family, including RemoNow and RemoLive.

RemoTe is a critical step in terms of assistance: up until now, the SV operator could only manage customers technical issues by opening a ticket and working via email or requesting a technician be sent to the customer’s site, while now we can remotely solve almost any problem in real time. This improvement optimizes the intervention time, reducing technicians’ travels as well as customer downtime.

RemoNow is the first service and allows for an immediate connection between the remote system of the customer and SEA Vision Service Team, helping the SV operator to more easily detect the root cause of the problem. RemoNow works on the platform ubiquity, granting a fast and secure connection, able to make the assistance less complicated. Moreover, RemoNow is natively integrated with the new SEA Vision systems and can be also installed on many of the older versions. Other advantages are intuitiveness, direct access (no log-in) and compliance with the customers access and quality policies.

RemoLive is an alternative or additive service created to be used on mobile devices, by installing the application Acty.  RemoLive grants a direct and rapid communication by means of a simple video call making the service completely interactive. During the video call, the customer can take a screen shot or “frame” of his system, sending the real time image to the technician’s PC: in this way it is easier to identify the issue and solve the problem. RemoLive also offers augmented reality tools, with the possibility to draw on the same image in real time. Thanks to this feature, the customer can immediately display what he would otherwise have to describe for the Service Team operator, maximizing the interaction between Sea Vision Support and the Customer or the OEM Representative.


Both the solutions use a chatroom to share files, useful for detailed or graphic information exchanges. Additionally, RemoNow and RemoLive can be used in combination, giving a more engaging experience.











Besides the warranty being 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, RemoTe services are compliant with security policies and included in our Service Level Agreements.

RemoTe family is the way to prove again our full commitment to the customer, even in this situation of emergency: SEA Vision is ensuring we can be here for you always.

For more information please contact and let us help you keep all your systems up to date!