NIR Near Infrared Spectroscopy system
NIR Near Infrared Spectroscopy system is the new infrared inspection technology to identify API errors

SEA Vision, one of the world’s leading innovation-based vision system companies, has launched its  Near Infrared Hyperspectral vision (NIR) system, HarleNir. Based on its Harlequin blister control system, HarleNIR is a new generation of blister inspection technology that goes beyond visible inspection to provide a chemical analysis of drug products.

HarleNIR can inspect an entire batch on the manufacturing line in a fully automated fashion, removing human error and speeding up batch release times. Even if a product appears visually sound, errors in the API can now be identified.  Paolo Landriani, Business Development Manager at SEA Vision, said: “We have been designing inspection system for quality control for more than 20 years and this latest technology allows us to take inspection processes to the next level.

Thanks to NIR technology it is possible to perform common pharmaceutical quality-controls on drugs.The HarleNIR hyperspectral system uses the chemical compound presents inside a particular sample to distinguish and identify materials.

“Through integrated imaging technology, HarleNIR can distinguish products directly from their active ingredients and perform a chemical analysis to identify compounds with different active principle, different dosage or measure the active ingredient uniformity distribution inside products. “In an era of increasing regulation and quality control, the industry needs to improve inspection methods. Systems like HArleNIR provide extra peace of mind for drug manufacturers.”