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Developed by SEA Vision, the serialization vision systems to be equipped on Print & check machines is able to manage Level 1 devices, thus performing the physical inspection of codes printed on serialized cartons/bottles. At the end of the serialization process, the data are then posted back to level 4 actors via Server. The system communicates with the machines’ PLCs through a real-time digital I/O interface. Thanks to this signals exchange, an automatic decommissioning process is also possible when negative events occur on the line beyond the vision systems’ control, for example when the tamper evident is missing.

Serialization vision systems main features:

  • Reading and check of codes and characters OCV/OCR
  • Printing grade quality control
  • Printer management
  • SVM (SEA Vision Machine): integrated virtual PLC for machines rejection management
  • Marriage function (a helper code is printed on the carton to recognize the serialized code at the packaging line end, useful for China E-Code)
  • Zombie carton function (use the machine clock signal and the signals of «good» to recognize the good cartons chosen by
    the vision system, but rejected by the machine)
  • Images processed in real time
  • Oscilloscope function

Turnkey serialization package

SEA Vision also provides a turnkey package for serialization composed of an automatic Print & Check machines (models from different OEMs) with integrated SEA Vision vision systems and printer. While the main features of the vision systems are described in the lateral box, find here below a description of the machines offered.

Print & Check machines features:

  • Application of 2D code (Datamatrix) and Human Readable data on upper side and on two lateral carton flaps, with printing camera verification.
  • Continuous motion
  • Positive cartons transport
  • Pre-arranged for the Ink-Jet priniting installation and for OCV, OCR, human readable data and 2D code verification system
  • Ergonomicaly and easy accessibility for machine clearance and process management
  • Visibility of the process
  • Code accuracy application
  • Print quality ANSI grading achieving “A” and “B” grading
  • Easy changeover

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Since 2012 SEA Vision has successfully deployed over 800 pharmaceutical serialization lines worldwide, over 70% of them including full aggregation, with less than 3 months average delivery time.

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