Pharmaceutical customers and OEMs business

SEA Vision provides services designed to meet the unique needs of Pharmaceutical customers and OEMs business. The R&D department together with the After Sales staff, deliver a range of integrated assistance solutions that turns services into excellent customer support.

Installations and validation tests

The service, provided at the OEM or customer’s plant, is designed to deliver high performance and optimized integration with customers’ machines. Each installation is then validated to enable the equipment to meet quality and performance targets.

Studies for systems upgrade, modification and spares

Thanks to our After Sales expertise, in collaboration with the software Engineers and the production team, we deliver complete feasibility studies for hardware/software projects that balances innovation, operability, maintenance and costs.

On-line technical assistance

A real time answer to our customers. SEA Vision offers a Technical Support Service to assist clients through direct modem connection.

On-site technical assistance

We provide physical local support which is necessary when emergencies are raised. Our long-experienced skilled, team can be on site  promptly to solve any technical problems.

Service Level Agreements

What happen when the vision-systems warranty has expired? Choose the service that really fits your needs! We have created 8 dedicated packages to always guarantee the highest level of service at competitive prices.

Technical training and updating courses

SEA Vision provides specific training sessions for customers. All the courses are customized to meet and enhance your skills depending on specific job roles, with the aim to enable trainees to solve standard issues and to speak a common technical language.


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