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SEA Vision provides both vision systems for Track & Trace to be equipped to machineries, and also a range of manual aggregation workstations suitable for small production batches requiring aggregation. Browse the page and find the solution that fits your company needs.


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Aggregation systems

equipped on case packers and palletizers

Thanks to a long-time experience integration on automatic and semi-automatic machines, SEA Vision has developed a system able to inspect the codes cartons in the case and build the parent-child aggregation covering all the aggregation levels.


Aggregation features:

  • Inspection of carton codes layer inside the shipper
  • Multi-level parent-child aggregation (automatic association)
  • Inspection of pre-printed?  shipper label code and rejection management
  • Printer and scanner management for pallet aggregation and/or online reworking

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Serialization whitepaper

Since 2012 SEA Vision has successfully deployed over 800 pharmaceutical serialization lines worldwide, over 70% of them including full aggregation, with less than 3 months average delivery time.

Serialization Case Study E-Book

“We’ve met a significant milestone for 2017 with 23 sites now capable of connecting lines to the serialization systems. This is a magnificent achievement especially when you couple that with the fact that we are within budget.” Access here the case study.

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Serialization for late starters E-Book

This E-book which is designed to give companies just starting out on their serialization journey, as well as those that are already some way along, a guide to the various complexities associated with global track and trace requirements. Download your E-guide here!

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BAW (Bundle Aggregation Workstation) is a manual workstation for the reading and checking of codes printed on bundles or cartons arranged manually and their aggregation to Shipper and Pallet. A Reading Station and a Case Station compose the workstation. The OCV system shows feedback on the HMI panel that assists the operator’s work, to ensure the maximum safety of checks and aggregation operations. High-resolution cameras allows the inspection of bundles, unpackaged cartons, wrapped cartons and non-standard formats.





The Manual Aggregation Workstation (MAW Multilayer) is a centralized stand alone station that allows the reading of cartons placed in a shipper in multiple, as well as reading aggregation. The integrated HMI Touch Screen with an Audio & Visual Feedback System guides the operator Step-by-Step during the operations of check and rejection, ensuring the maximum safety through the entire work cycle. The system controls automatically the lift position, for an easy product load and an optimal inspection of all the codes printed on each layer.





The Reworking Station allows shipping operations, post-packaging reworking or (if installed in production sites) also reworking operations on open batches. Thanks to Reworking Station it’s possible to generate shipment files with all the information of products ready for shipping or, (if the shipper is damaged), it’s possible to re-open the batch destroying and regenerating all the aggregation levels. SEA Vision allows the printer management and the creation of reports of all the operations performed on the station, in compliance to CFR 21 Part 11.



We deliver best practice workflows to drive business improvements forward using the following four-phase approach: 

  • Assess and Design – offering consultancy, regulatory expertise
  • Project Build
  • Deploy – full solution delivery
  • Support – on-line/on-site post installation support, training services
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