Stand-alone machine for label printing and verification

Flexibility, in compliance with serialization

Trackroll is a stand-alone machine able to print and inspect serialized or not serialized codes on label reels, which can be then applied on your product, such as bottles, vials, cartons and so on, always according to all the main guidelines.

This is an appealing solution for existing packaging lines in which there is a lack of space and that need to meet serialization requirements, becoming compliant in a fast way.

Furthermore, this compact machine can be placed everywhere very easily, ensuring a non-invasive procedure; the fitted wheels help to move it around the production site, giving the possibility to serve multiple packaging lines at the same time.

In addition, the user-friendly interface guarantees the machine can be easily managed.


Machine sizes 1242x820x2001 mm (L x W x H)
Power supply 400 VAC, 50 HZ


Compressed air 10 liters/min, pressure 6 bar


Label dimensions Min: 30 mm x 70 mm (W x L)

Max: 160 mm x 220 mm (W x L)

Inner reel diameter 40 mm x 76 mm
Outer reel diameter Max: 300 mm
Maximum mechanical speed 18 mt/min


Perfect for...

Trackroll  solution is a fair balance of a rapid roll to roll process which includes a safe serialization inspection.

Serialize products without modifying existing packaging lines

To comply quickly with serialization deadlines even in case of space lack on your lines

Have a solution that can serve multiple packaging lines at the same time

SEA Vision OCV Software capabilities

  • Serialized/not serialized codes printing
  • Serialized/not serialized human readable data printing
  • Serialized/not serialized human readable data reading and checking
  • Real time images
  • Custom reports generation

Hardware functionalities

  • High resolution camera equipped with LED lighting unit
  • 90° camera rotation to adapt the field of view (the labels could be printed vertical or horizontal)
  • Slide printer
  • Touch HMI
  • Thermal transfer, Domino V320i Printer as standard (others model available upon request)

Machine features

  • Balcony-style structure
  • Stainless steel compact design
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • B&R PLC
  • Servomotor-driven roll unwind and rewind
  • Low level, end of web and broken web detection
  • 21 CFR part 11 compliant


The heart of Trackroll is OCV: the renowned multi-function vision system capable to perform many types of inspection in a completely trusty way, ensuring a very easy set-up of controls and allowing the products to be fully serialized and thus compliant to the Track&Trace regulations worldwide.

Created as an instrument to recognize optical characters, this software, integrated with the machine, has become a product capable of performing a huge number of different controls with the maximum flexibility.

The OCV configuration is modular and scalable: new functions can be added over time and every control is associated to a specific licence.

Furthermore, its versatility allows to create tailor-made solutions for every kind of inspection requirement.

Working Cycle description

Working cycle description

Trackroll solution is a fair balance of a rapid roll to roll process which includes a safe serialization inspection. It meets the pharmaceutical industry requirements, being trusty to GMP practices, compliant to 21 CFR part 11 and providing validation documents.

1. Label reel unwinding

The label reel unwinding is automatic and driven by a servomotor: this guarantees a safe and smooth process.

2. Printing

Labels are encoded with the required variable data by a thermal transfer printer (Domino V320i as preferred standard supply).

The OCV software manages the correct application of serialized or not serialized data, human readable and 1D/2D data formats like lot number, expiry date and serial number.

3. Inspection & serialization

A high resolution camera, equipped with LED Lighting unit, inspects the printed code and verifies its correctness, according to the different requirements. The process is guaranteed by OCV, which manages the complete flow of printing and inspecting batch’s data.  The integration with the PLC coordinates printing verification and commissioning process.

An accurate ANSI Grading is assured, and among different optional, it is also possible to integrate the PQV Control (Print Quality Verification)able to check the quality of previously printed layouts. At the end of the process only good and commissioned labels are present on the re-winded reel: the integration between the software and the machine PLC guarantees the machine stop in case of bad labels: the operator is thus able to manually remove the wrong ones, ensuring that the 100% of the labels on the reels are fully compliant.

4. Serialized label reel rewinding

After coding and verification, the reel is finally rewound and ready to be moved on production to be used on the packaging lines in order to apply only good labels on the final unit of sale.

The validation documents, as per GMP procedure, are available.





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